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Accessing Casualties

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Risk Assessment in Emergency Situations: Rockfall Scenario

Assessing Risks in a Rockfall Incident

When dealing with a rockfall incident, conducting a thorough risk assessment is paramount to ensuring safety.

Immediate Safety Considerations

Key questions to address:

  • Safety Zone: Am I in a safe area away from falling debris?
  • Machinery Hazards: Is the nearby machine operator aware and are they secure to prevent accidental movement?

Response to Injured Individuals

Handling injured persons requires:

  • Patient Safety: Swift relocation to a secure area away from ongoing hazards.
  • Assessing Multiple Casualties: Are there multiple victims? Can they be safely accessed and rescued?

Medical Triage and Prioritisation

Considering triage principles:

  • Assessment Prioritisation: Evaluating the severity of injuries and prioritising rescue efforts accordingly.
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment: Continuously reassessing risks to ensure safety of responders and casualties.

Ensuring safety remains the top priority throughout the rescue operation.