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Do all major incidents involve multiple casualties

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Not all major incidents will necessarily involve multiple casualties. Even a low number of casualties, by their location or type of injury, may in fact require the implementation of special procedures which would therefore define it as a major incident. So again, as an example, a roller coaster crash, four people involved, stuck at height, in the middle of a theme park, going to have to use special procedures in order to effect the rescue and treat the casualties and evacuate them, therefore is a major incident, but not necessarily a large number of casualties. So as an example, in this location, if a landslide occurred and trapped one person, because we are almost in the middle of nowhere, it is going to take multiple agencies to plan the rescue, extract the casualty and evacuate them to care, even though it is one person, lots of special procedures being put in place could be defined as a major incident, at least for the quarry and maybe some of the other services as well.