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Existing medications

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Managing Existing Medication in Triage: Importance and Considerations

Understanding the Impact of Existing Medication

Exploring the significance of existing medication and its implications in the triage process:

  • Effect on Vital Signs: Medication can alter physiological responses, such as artificially lowering blood pressure or pulse rates, which may obscure the true condition of the patient.
  • Patient Awareness: There's often a disconnect where patients may not fully understand their medications or their purposes, posing challenges during assessment.

Challenges and Considerations

Addressing common issues and considerations when managing medication in triage:

  • Overdosing Concerns: Monitoring for unintentional overdoses, such as with paracetamol or combinations like paracetamol with co-codamol, is crucial due to potential cumulative effects.
  • Alternative Therapies: Herbal remedies and cultural practices should also be noted as they can impact treatment decisions and patient outcomes.
  • Substance Use: Approach with sensitivity when discussing illegal drugs or CBD usage, as patients may not disclose due to legal concerns, necessitating careful clinical judgment.

Documentation in triage notes ensures accurate recording of factual information provided by the patient.