Major Incident Planning and Support (MIP+S) Level 2

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Importance of Subject Matter Experts in Emergency Response

Utilising Specialist Knowledge at Emergency Scenes

It's crucial to acknowledge that no one can be an expert in every aspect encountered at an incident scene. Seeking advice from subject matter experts (SMEs) is essential.

Collaborating with Corporate and Retail SMEs

Corporate entities and retailers possess specialist knowledge pertinent to their operations. In emergency command discussions, integrating their expertise prevents situational unawareness.

Partner Agencies' Expertise

Fire and police services bring valuable specialist knowledge:

  • Fire Services: Expertise in assessing risks, identifying hazards, and advising on appropriate mitigation measures.
  • Police Services: Specialised insights into security protocols, legal considerations, and crowd management strategies.

Example of Chemical Incidents

For instance, in handling chemical incidents:

  • While you may understand the medical implications of chemical exposure, the fire service provides critical details such as:
    • Type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required.
    • Specific gravity and flash point of the chemical.
    • Other essential safety information to ensure a comprehensive situational awareness.

By leveraging SMEs' expertise, emergency responders can effectively manage incidents with informed decision-making and comprehensive risk assessment.