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METHANE report exercise

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Identifying Errors in Methane Reports - Training Exercise

Listening to Justin's Methane Report

Listen carefully to Justin's methane report. Afterwards, you will be tested on identifying deliberate errors within it.

Understanding the Exercise

After hearing the methane report:

  • Analysis: You will need to carefully analyse the report to pinpoint the intentional mistake.
  • Reading Questions: Review the questions provided to identify where the error was introduced.

Engaging with the Methane Report

Take note of key details and listen attentively to Justin's delivery:

"Whiskey Romeo, this is Echo Papa two, methane message, over."

Pay attention to each component of the report:

"Whiskey Romeo, methane message. Major incident declared. Exact location using What3Words: Tiger, cat, dog. Type of incident: Quarry landslide with multiple casualties. Hazards present include gas, smoke, and debris. Potential hazards: Risk of further slide and flooding. Access from the south entrance. What3Words location: Bear, fox, badger. Egress not yet known. Estimated number of casualties: 50+. Required emergency services include Hazards Area Response Team, Helimed, make officers, figure 10. Double crewed ambulances, figure 50. Further require fire, technical rescue, and police, over."

Identifying the Deliberate Error

Questions will help you uncover the deliberate mistake:

  • Critical Thinking: Apply critical thinking to identify inconsistencies or inaccuracies.
  • Review and Reflect: Reflect on the details provided in the report and match them with the questions asked.