Major Incident Planning and Support (MIP+S) Level 2

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Triage labels

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Having completed your primary triage algorithm on the patient, the next most important thing to do is actually label the patient so you and everybody else knows what category that patient is. All UK ambulance services use the same triage system which is a folding card. The card should be folded so the priority of the patient shows to the front and that the handover-takeover panel shows to the rear. Having been folded, the card needs to go back into the envelope and the label needs to be attached to the casualty where it is highly visible because you may not be doing the rest of the treatment for this, other people may be coming in behind you to finish off the treatment and to move those casualties to evacuation. Unlike a day-to-day job where you meet the patient, you see the patient, you take the patient to the hospital, in a major incident scenario, you may only be dealing with a small section of that treatment process.