Major Incident Planning and Support (MIP+S) Level 2

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What is a major incident?

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Understanding Major Incidents

Definition and Criteria

The definition of a major incident in health contexts is straightforward, outlined in the Emergency Preparedness Resilience package. It refers to an incident where the number, severity, or location of casualties necessitates special procedures.

Varying Perspectives

However, what constitutes a major incident can vary between different emergency services. What may require special procedures for one service may not for another.

Resource Allocation

If an organisation has limited resources and must implement special procedures to manage an incident effectively, it likely qualifies as a major incident for them. This determination may differ based on the immediate resources available to services such as ambulance, health, fire, or police.

Corporate Perspective

For corporate entities, a major incident could also encompass events affecting organizational reputation, customer base, or revenue potential. For instance, a theme park experiencing a roller coaster crash might face significant reputational damage and prolonged legal proceedings, despite minimal casualties.

Understanding these perspectives is crucial for preparedness and response strategies.