Major Incident Planning and Support (MIP+S) Level 2

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Working with other services and organisations

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In any incident that you go to, being major or otherwise, you will find that you will have to work with other services and organisations. If you are working for the emergency services, you will get quite used to working for or with fire and police, and also working with different corporate entities. In other words, the people with the problem at the time.

When you are working with other services, it's important to stay cool, calm and collected, and speak plain English. It is very easy to use acronyms and professional language, which you understand, but actually your partner agencies and the agency you are working with do not. Even the people that are having the problem, I.e. If we take this quarry as an example, will have their own language about how things are carried out here that you may not understand. It is important that you do not become situationally unaware by not understanding what is being said. And if at any time during any briefings or group meetings there is language there that you do not understand, then you should stop, ask what that means and clarify. Because if you do not understand it and you take the wrong slant on it, your situation awareness of what's going on can be exceptionally flawed.