Major Incident Planning and Support (MIP+S) Level 3

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Being ready for an emergency

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So because we are at COMAH, the Control of Major Accidents and Hazards, a top-tier site, we have duties placed upon us under those regulations. So they are two things really, we have to... Well actually, three things... We have to have an internal emergencies plan, which is our own emergency plan, how we deal with incidents. And that is not just any incident, that is incidents that we think could happen here. So they are incidents where we have actually been through the COMAH process. So we have done our hazard analysis, we have looked at what could happen and we have come up with specific plans to mitigate those incidents and prevent escalation. Not only is there an internal plan, there is also an external plan. So again, under the COMAH regulations, there is a duty placed on the local authority. They have their own plan, so that is all about dove-tailing with the wider community. So, do we need to evacuate schools? Do we need to evacuate people? That is looking at how we deal with those things and how the police, ambulance and the fire service work together. So something like, well, if we need extra operators to help out, how are they gonna get through a police cordon to get into the site? Those sorts of things, so...

So that is what we are looking at. And that is really the planning process that we need to go through. Every three years, we are duty-bound to test those plans. So we do that a lot more internally. So we have a training programme, where we have a training programme for incident controllers, duty managers, site controllers, so that they have got specific roles and responsibilities in an emergency.