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The correct METHANE report

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You already had a look at a methane that was done with the deliberate mistake, which you are going to have to look back at and actually answer questions on. Now, what we are going to do is to run the methane in completely and in full. What you have got to remember is when the adrenaline is pumping, when the chaos is around you and the fireworks are going off, you have gotta give that information accurately. What most incident commanders will carry with them is a methane card. It's a card where they can actually use and go down as a script, making sure that they cover every single part in full, making life easier under pressure, that's what they are there for. Justin is now going to give a methane report using that card.

Whiskey Romeo, this is echo for part two methane message, over.

The control room then knows there is a methane coming and the methane then will follow.

Whiskey Romeo, methane message. Major incident declared, exact location, what three words? Tiger, cat, dog. Type of incident, quarry landslide with multiple casualties. Hazards present, gas, smoke, debris. Hazards potential, risk of further slide, risk of flooding. Access from the south. What three words? Location, bear, fox, badger, egress not yet known. Number of casualties estimated figures are five zero plus. Emergency services required. Hazards Area Response Team Helimed make officers figures one zero. Make double crude ambulances figures are five zero. Further require fire technical rescue and police, over.

Control now have everything accurate that they require to instigate that major incident plan. Notice it was slow, concise and well informed. It's not waffle, it's not rushed, it's clear, it's accurate and the control room then can do their job that they are required to do.