Major Incident Planning and Support (MIP+S) Level 3

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Table top exercise - Liaising with other services - Part 1

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So moving into the second tabletop, we are going to look at how the scene expands, how we liaise with other services and take a closer look at the decision making process and the processes we should use to help us with that decision making process. If we now think that we are probably now 60 to 90 minutes into this particular scenario, by now, we would have expected a fair amount of resources to arrive, in particular more officers. Can we have a little think about what roles you want, particularly to support you as a commander in managing this scene?

Well, certainly initially you want to be experienced or a person with knowledge of the site. All the capabilities the site has. You want to know what assets that you have on the scene that are coming to the scene both for your service and any the other service and certainly a frontline picture of what is happening at the call face. What is happening in the way of personal injuries, numbers?