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Remaining calm

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As a commander, your demeanour and the way that you behave within the command group will have an effect on your service and it will have an effect on other services. Above all, it is probably important to remain cool, calm and collected as much as possible. This takes time, energy and effort to do so. Quite often I find as a commander when I have just received a lot of information and I am still in the situation where I am having to process information in order to make decisions, what I will do is I will step back from the command group for about four or five minutes, evaluate that information, decide what it is and then step back into the command group to actually deliver my decisions or actions from that.

Equally, you are going to be responsible for making sure that your own people remain calm and collected and also to a certain degree, how you interact with other corporate entities, other agencies and organisations it will have an effect on them. If you have somebody who is behaving rather aggressively, it is often quite good just to challenge that hate behaviour directly at the beginning. "Okay, mate, I've got that, alright, but I think actually we need to take a deep breath here, analyse the whole situation and work together, because at the end of the day, what we are trying to do here is look after the patients and get them extracted. So we are going to need to work together on that. So if you calm down a bit, that would be useful."