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It is highly unlikely that you are going to be a subject matter expert in all the different types of things that you will find at a scene. So, you must get further advice from the subject matter experts that are at hand. Do not forget that the corporate entity that you are attending, or the retailer that you are attending, will have specialist knowledge and specialist advice that they can give you. You need to include them in the command talks so that you do not become situationally unaware. Equally, your partner agencies, be they fire or police, will have specialist knowledge of certain areas. Fire is exceptionally useful at talking about risks, hazards and how to mitigate them.

Whilst, you may understand the signs and symptoms that a chemical as an example, and the effect that it will have on a patient, it will be the fire service that will tell you what type of PPE it is, whether that stuff is heavier than there, lighter than there, what its flash point is, and all the other associated information that will go with that, to make up a fully situationally aware picture for you.