Major Incident Planning and Support (MIP+S) Level 3

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So the main issues on this site really are the fact that we are a top-tier COMAH site. And the reason why we are a top-tier COMAH site is because we store a number of flammable, highly flammable and extremely flammable materials, akin to gasoline. The biggest storage tank is, when it's full, has got 12 million litres of material in it. We also have processing capacity, so we are heating up things. We are condensing things and if we have any leaks we could have... There is the potential for fires. There is the potential for vapour cloud explosions. There is the potential for boiling liquid evaporating vapour emissions. So there are a number of potential hazards on this site. Right from the really serious incidents that we have just talked about. There is are 175 tanks. All of those materials in those tanks have the capability to burn. And some less so than others, but certainly there are highly, highly flammable materials on the site. Also, you have to consider the fact that all of the drains on the site discharge to a point off the jetty. So if we were to have an incident and material was to get into the drainage system, then there is the potential to contaminate the river, which is an SSSI site, a site of special scientific interest. It is also a Ramsar site, and it is also a special protection area.