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The control room

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So the guys in the control room in the event of an incident or an emergency, and initially they are the ones who will deal with all the first responder stuff, so they are the ones who identify the incident, sound the fire alarm and call the emergency services. Whilst that process is in place, we are also looking for people and we are also mobilising the equipment that we might need to support the emergency services in the incident. So the guys in there, you have got the duty manager, he will make his way into the control room if he is not there, if he is off-site because we have a 24-hour call-out process for duty managers. So if he is not there, he will make his way in, he will take the role of site controller, so he is in charge of the incident. And the second in command is what we call the incident controller, and he is the one who is actually physically out on the plant saying, "We need this hose here, we need that piece of equipment there."

He is the one sort of managing the front line of the incident and the site controller is the guy who is one step back. He is the prime liaison with the emergency services when they arrive and he is the one who is going to support the emergency services. So if the emergency services say to him, "Well what is in that tank?" then he is the guy who is going to help them out and say, "Well, it is this material, it is that material and be aware of this risk, be aware of that hazard." So they are the main roles in the control room. And we can evacuate the control room if we need to. So we can evacuate to a second control centre further away. We do not have the same ability to control the equipment. If and when we left our local control room, it would only be, first at the request of the emergency services, but also if we felt that we had done all we could to make the plant as safe as possible. So I would take the role of the duty manager. So I would be the person who would be liaison on-site with the local team in tactical command or an operational command scenario, either myself or one of the other duty managers. We have a five rota system on-call, so we would have the possibility we may well go off-site and attend either silver command or tactical command, depending on where that might be.

Normally, there is not a designated place in this particular instance for that, that is at the behest of the emergency services and one of us would go there. And we could even get called to go to Gold, to Strategic Command, which is more likely to be virtual and that would be with Chief of Police, Chief Fire Officer. And that is where you go if you need... If you need the chequebook to come out.