Major Incident Planning and Support (MIP+S) Level 3

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Table top exercise - Arrival Part 1

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So basically, we are going to do a tabletop exercise based around an incident that is going to happen in this quarry. The exercise will focus primarily on the initial arrival at the scene and the first part of the CS CAT acronym for the command, safety, assessment and communications. The scenario is that you have been called to the quarry, there has been a landslide in the quarry where this part of the quarry over here has collapsed down on top of a visitor's stand, which holds up to 50 visitors and dignitaries from multiple countries. In addition, two of the large earthmovers have come down with that and are at precarious angles hanging on that landslide. So on arrival at the gate, you have been presented with a map of the quarry and its route plans and they have been kind enough to supply you with an aerial photograph of the quarry site itself. So as initial responders have just arrived on scene, what do you think are the first actions that need to be carried out?

Communications with the health and safety manager on the scene to get his information before we go any further.

Yeah, you are absolutely right. So what you need to do is link in with whoever is going to be leading this from the company point of view and trying to make sure that you have got some continuity with that all the way through because if you keep changing people, you lose information, you lose things. So getting those key links when you come in. Anybody else you would want to be talking to apart from whoever is leading from the quarry company?