Major Incident Planning and Support (MIP+S) Level 3

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Now we are going to have a look at the roles of the attending crews and the non-attending crews in control. So I would be first on the scene as the first ambulance paramedic to arrive on the scene, so my role would be to park up and start to get the METHANE report together. Justin would be the incident commander that would arrive hopefully, quite quickly behind me. As the METHANE report starts to go in, he will be mobilised and he will arrive behind me. So his role then will be to take over control from me and allow me to do some of my normal day job which is looking after people and he will then take over the role of feeding information back.

And Adrian's role, Adrian's in control so he's blind, he's working with a blindfold on, so he can only act and do on information that's fed back by me to Justin, Justin to control or me to control or Justin to control. So he's got a lot of information that's potentially clashing with each other, some might be wrong, some might be right, he's got to work out from that exactly what's required and how he's going to manage that situation.