Major Incident Planning and Support (MIP+S) Level 3

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Table top exercise - Arrival Part 3

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So where do we think the casualty clearing point, loading, parking, and circuits might be?

Well, so, they will all be coming from this way for access. Well, would we want it... We would not want it too close to the actual site because obviously there is potential risks.

No. All of your casualty clearing stations will be here on the hard standing, where your vehicles can come in and exit. We have had a discussion with the site manager, and site manager tells us there is already a helipad site here, further up this track. So we know there is a helicopter landing site up here and it is accessible. It is not lit, but it is there, it has its windsock and the managing director of the organisation that owns the quarry lands there. So we know this is the actual area where the incident happened. So this is our danger zone. Vehicles would come in, park, load, so we would have our casual clearing site and our incident command post on the hard standing up here. We would not block the access and egress. If we needed anybody to go up to the helicopters, they would travel north up this, up the track onto the heli site and be lifted from there.

We have also... We can go back out this the same way if we need to. So, we have got actually two access and egress routes. All we need to set up then is a shuttle between the accident site itself and the casualty clearing station. So that could be 4x4 capability, it could be something the quarry already has, like a machine with a large bucket on it, where we can put a couple of casualties in the bucket and then transfer them to that site. But we are not blocking any routes. We have got a helipad, we have got a casualty clearing site, we have got incident command, and we have got a shuttle set, set up to clear the site itself of casualties.