Major Incident Planning and Support (MIP+S) Level 2

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Arriving at scene

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So, looking at this situation from the perspective of the first ambulance to arrive on the scene. So, my vehicle pulls up. It has been given all the information over the radio that we suspect this is a major incident and I arrive at the main reception point, which is normally the gatehouse, security gatehouse and I'm given the information from that gatehouse as to what they think is going on. They are not on the scene, but they are the first point of call.

First of all, the adrenaline is pumping with me and I have got to make sure that my information is correct back to control so control can send me the support that I'm going to need. So the first thing we do is we pull that vehicle up and we have that conversation and you could be in the middle of chaos, people running everywhere, people screaming, shouting, wanting help, trying to drag you out of the cab to go and help them, but you have got to remain calm, collected and you have actually got to pass that information back as quick as you can and as accurate as you can to Control.

There is a simple way of doing that which is using methane and the methane if done correctly and we will look at that a little bit later in the course, but the methane if done correctly gives the Control Room every single bit of information they need in the correct order to be able to decide what resources are required, how bad the situation is and how easy or difficult it is going to be to sort that, whether they need multiple agencies, whether they need Helimed. Whoever they need, they will make that decision from your methane report that you send, but you must not get dragged into that situation.

It will be very difficult to not get dragged into it, but you must stay where you are, you must communicate with control at all times and you must never ever get dragged into the melee. It is very easy to, but that is absolutely critical that you do not. We have got to get that information back, that is what everything is going to function from.