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Hytera PDC 550 – 4G/VHF/UHF combined

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This is the Hytera PDC550 radio handset. It is similar to others we have looked at, but this handset incorporates an Android device that works with 3G, 4G, VHF and UHF. As a multi-mode handset, it combines all these systems, enables you to carry one handset and talk in different platforms, which can be important to link different organisations who use different systems. You may be at the scene and the search and rescue are using UHF or your control and a map based system, someone else may be on VHF, and you still need the ability to make and receive phone calls. This handset would do this and provide a bridge to link the services together. This model can also scan a range of pre-programmed channels. Depending on what you are lawfully allowed to use, you can program in the channels you want to use, and this can be all sorts of different workplace sectors. You can use different radio apps to control your communications. These are loaded on like any app on your phone. Then you can set them to work the frequencies you want. This handset has twin SIM slots and an SD card for increasing the memory capacity on the handset. Other features of this handset are similar to others we have covered, and it can be configured with your preferences and will adapt to your changing needs.