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Hytera PDC 550 – 4G/VHF/UHF combined

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Hytera PDC550 Radio Handset Overview

Introduction to Hytera PDC550

The Hytera PDC550 radio handset is a versatile device that integrates Android functionality with 3G, 4G, VHF, and UHF capabilities. It serves as a multi-mode handset, allowing seamless communication across various platforms, essential for connecting different organisations.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Multi-Platform Communication: Integrates 3G, 4G, VHF, and UHF systems in one device.
  • Interoperability: Bridges communication gaps between organisations using different systems.
  • Phone Functionality: Enables making and receiving phone calls alongside radio communication.
  • Channel Scanning: Scans and monitors pre-programmed channels for efficient communication.
  • Customisable Frequencies: Allows programming of preferred channels as per regulatory permissions.
  • Radio Apps Compatibility: Supports radio apps for managing and controlling communications.
  • Dual SIM and SD Card: Equipped with twin SIM slots and expandable memory via SD card.
  • Configurability: Can be configured to suit specific preferences and operational needs.

The Hytera PDC550 adapts to diverse workplace sectors and changing operational requirements, ensuring reliable and adaptable communication.